These Are the Best Dances That the Cricketing World Has Ever Seen

Dwayne Bravo and Doug Bollinger Dancing When They Won the IPL

The Chennai Super Kings won the Indian Premier League in 2011 and the team did a lap of honor around the outfield to share the moment with their loyal fans. At one stage, they came across some fans who were ecstatically playing the drums. Dwayne Bravo stops and starts getting his groove on (we often see him dancing on the cricket field), but Doug Bollinger decided that now was the time to show the world that he has some moves too. He joined in alongside Bravo and got everyone laughing. 

England Imitating Sprinklers When They Won the Ashes Back

In 2010, England were playing Australia in the Ashes Down Under. The last time that England had won a series in Australia was back in 1987. Throughout the series, Graeme Swann, England’s spin bowler, kept fans up to date with what was happening inside the England camp via a video diary. On the third episode, he claimed that they had learned the Sprinkler dance as a bit of team bonding. To perform the dance, you put one hand at the back of your head and then hold your other arm out and then imitate a garden sprinkler. It became very popular and when England won back the Ashes during the 4th test in Melbourne, the England fans in the crowd demanded that they do it, and they obliged. Andrew Strauss later joked that it could end up being their version of New Zealand’s Haka.

Harbhajan Singh Doing the Bhangra in Front of the Crowd

It was the 2007 ICC Twenty20 World Cup final between Australia and India and there was just one ball left with Australia still needing twenty runs to win. Harbhajan Singh walked to his fielding position at third man and then started doing the Bhangra in front of the Indian fans. This is a traditional Punjabi dance and the crowd absolutely loved what they saw. In fact, they liked it so much that they joined in as well. 

Sreesanth Dances After Hitting a Big Six

When India were playing South Africa in a test match in 2011, Andre Nel decided to give Sreesanth a bit of stick when he came out to bat. The Indian bowler soaked it up and then hit Nel into the stands. Instead of just standing there and admiring the shot that he had just played, he started to dance towards Nel and swing his bat around. The commentators couldn’t hold back their laughter while all of the Indians in the crowd loved what they saw.